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About Master Han's White Tiger Tae Kwon Do

d7ac8e_45f727259c6a4a50a2259c5cdfbcde58Welcome to Han's White Tiger Tae Kwon Do, the leading provider of Martial Arts classes in the Westchester, Ohio area.

Master SangWon Han



At Master Han's White Tiger, you will benefit from:

  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Positive and Fun Atmosphere
  • Friendly and Professional Instructors

The system taught at Han's White Tiger is the result of many years of training and study.  I am confident that this system will be beneficial to you.  My staff and I continue to train in order to deliver the most effective instruction.

Our mission is to provide you with a top martial arts experience that empower our students, build confidence and develop skills that will help them in their daily lives. 

Our training includes skills valuable in your daily life:.

  • Cooperation                                                                          
  • Respect
  • Self-control
  • Focus
  • Confidence

Through our own experiences studying Tae Kwon Do, we have found that Tae Kwon Do helps students for years to come in not only their personal lives, but also their professional lives as well.  The positive character traits that develop will help at school, home, at work and on the playing field.

In addition to providing a positive experience for all Han's White Tiger students, contributing to our community is a natural extension of improving each student’s life. Happier, more confident students lead to happier families, which lead to a more cohesive community.

Our school continually seeks out opportunities to contribute to our community, including self-defense seminars, charity fundraisers, and educational demonstrations.

Went there for a bday party and was thoroughly impressed. The instructors are very skilled themselves and are really good with the kids. They covered listening skills, discipline, and respect all in one setting. You can tell they're one of those places that were truly made for the kids, rather than to make just make money from the parents, because the owner makes several donations to places like Children's Hospital, and you can really see the joy in his face when he's with the students. I can't wait until my son is old enough to try! Kellie B.