families-AA-BBToday’s hectic schedules and busy lives make it difficult for families to spend much quality time together. However, Han’s White Tiger provides an opportunity for parents and their children to share a family based activity that is as rewarding and beneficial as it is fun.

  • Bonding time while working toward a common goal.​
  • Time spent together on a mutual family based activity.
  • Enjoy special events the entire family can participate in together.
  • Greater respect between family members and others in the community.​
  • Working with other families moving towards a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Our program teaches you how to harness your physical strength, stamina and flexibility. We also teach you how to improve your coordination and balance. In addition, our program focuses on strengthening the areas of self-discipline, patience, humility, self-control and concentration.

“I started taking classes shortly after my daughter did and I continue today. The classes for older kids and adults also provide a wonderful workout. Master Han somehow knows how to keep the level of the workout manageable while building strength and flexibility so there is seemingly constant improvement. For all ages, the atmosphere is positive, upbeat and always encouraging.”    Rachel C.

We aim to give you a sense of power in your life by helping you develop your physical and mental potential. Furthermore, you will gain ultimate self-confidence through the self-defense skills we teach you.

Our program’s curriculum consists of stretching and cardiovascular exercises to maintain or lose weight. In addition, the punching techniques help to build and tone muscles. You will also learn to manage your busy schedule and everyday stress by disciplining your body and mind.

You will see for yourself the professional, social and personal changes that will take place in your life. So don’t hesitate. Come in and check out our school today!  It’s never too late. 


Together, we can make a difference !