LIttle Tigers

5057-3370-AAAll Little Tigers start at white belt and continue through a series of white belts with different colored stripes running through the center of them.


The belt levels are yellow stripe, green stripe, blue stripe, red stripe, and black stripe.  As students continue through each belt lever, they will receive four different tips:  Yellow (for forms), Green (for kicking), Blue (for blocking), and Red (for Korean Words).  Tips are awarded per the judgment of the instructors for each category. 


The goal of the student in the Little Tiger Program is to earn their yellow belt.  The goal of the program is to help children develop physical, mental, and emotional skills that will help them as they continue their journey to earning their Black Belt, but also at home, school, and other activities.

My 1st time here 5/4/2015 I am so very impressed with the Instructor Mr. Han and his Teams passion, excitement with the little Tigers was Amazing. Don't even think about taking your child to another for training. I Salute you Mr. Han & The White Tiger Team
Thanks, Gabby's Dad